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In 1976, Walt Arnold' s ministry was featured at the Southern Baptist Convention in Norfolk, Virginia.

No, Arnold wasn't a preacher. Far from it. He was a Rodeo Cowboy-as close a thing to a celebrity we had in Silverton, Texas. He was one of the finest horse trainers in the area, but his claim to fame was that he was the world champion steer roper in 1969.

Arnold was a nice enough guy, I'd "chewed the fat" with him a time or two on the tail gate of his red Chevy pickup, but I wouldn't really call him a talkative guy. Reserved would be a good word to describe him. Really, he was an understated man-a man of few words.

The Lord got a hold of Walt as Revival was sweeping through our church in the mid 70's. He talked to his pastor, my Dad, about getting more active in ministry. The only problem was that Walt was always on the road and couldn't do much around the church, so Dad suggested he do ministry on the Professional Rodeo Circuit. And that's what he did.

Dad asked him to give his testimony at a Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting. Walt walked up to the microphone, stared at the people for a few minutes, turned to Dad and said, "I can't do this" and went and sat down. I was embarrassed for him.

Dad went on with the service. A few minutes later, Walt stood up and said, "Pastor, can I have a second loop?" (A rodeo term ropers use for trying again after they miss.) This time, he stubbled through his testimony.

So what is a guy doing appearing before thousands of people in Norfolk that could barely speak before a small gathering in his home church? God often chooses to use our weaknesses to bring Himself glory, not our strengths.

Hebrews 11:34 "whose weakness was turned to strength; and who became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies."

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