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Pulling Weeds

I've made a few good decisions in my lifetime and I've made some bad ones. Recently, a Harris Poll revealed some things about Americans' priorities through data concerning how they spend their spare time. It appears to me that Americans are making some bad decisions.

The poll showed that 14 percent of Americans enjoy spending their free time gardening while a measly 11 percent would rather go fishing. How can that be? Can you imagine Sheriff Taylor asking Oppie to go fishing and little Ron Howard replying, "Sorry Pa, I can't go today, I'd rather help Aunt Bea pull weeds?"

I'd agree that gardens have their place. They are a fine location to dig for worms before going fishin', but I just can't believe that as a whole, we'd rather go work in the garden than participating in such a Biblical recreation.

If you took fish out of the Bible, you'd lose a lot of the dramatic impact. I can't imagine a group of boys and girls spellbound by a story of Jonah and the huge tomato, can you? "Follow me and I'll make you tillers of the soil" loses something in the translation.

As shocking as the fishing-gardening controversy is, there was more in this poll to raise one's eyebrow. "Spending time with the family" came in fourth with 13%, well behind reading at 30%, watching T.V. at 21% and gardening at 14%.

Though there will always be another chance to read a book or watch T.V., we don't get a second chance with our family. Be sure to make time for your family this summer. Why not take them fishing, or if you must, go to the garden and pull a weed together.

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