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What Now?

OK, so you've made a mistake, What now? Here are some options:

l Make sure you don't get caught. At all cost, cover your tracks, spend all your efforts keeping others from knowing you were wr___. (Never say the word.) Now the age old question. If you are going 75 MPH in a 55 MPH speed zone, but there are no police around, are you really speeding? If nobody saw it, it didn't happen.

l If detected, divert attention elsewhere. Discovery changes everything. You must change your tactics. Maybe you were wr___, (never say the word,) but it wasn't your fault. Who do you blame? Who's handy? Let's see, you can blame your boss who "didn't clarify" the assignment. You can blame the company that "didn't provide enough resources." The truth is, it doesn't matter. . . blame your mother, the Easter Bunny or society at large. The point is, it wasn't your fault.

l Didn't work, oh no, you're in trouble now. Ok, its getting pretty hairy now, go ahead and admit you are wr___. (Go ahead, you'll have to say the word.) Tell them you are wrong, BUT . . . But what? Doesn't matter. Excuses are your last chance to get off the hook. Tell them some "hard luck" story, the "dog ate your homework," or "the bus was late," or "its a computer error." Anything will work.

Or . . . you could just admit you were wrong, ask for forgiveness and learn something from your mistake, you decide.

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