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Wings of Eagles

I like the Albuquerque Zoo because you can walk through it in a couple of hours and see just about everything. We are card-carrying members of the Zoo and go several times a year.

The new polar bear exhibit is wonderful. It has a glass side so that you can see the bears underwater. The last time we were there, Jamie sat down next to the glass to watch the bears swim. I sat down behind him, and was watching him watching the bears. Suddenly, a bear lunged at Jamie and took a swipe at him with his right paw. Instinctively, Jamie ran away from the attacking bear. I laughed. That wasn't a Teddy bear behind the glass, it was a vicious Polar Bear and was not domesticated just because it was in the zoo. Jamie was glad it was in a cage.

I don't like the snakes. I wish all the snakes of the world were in cages.

Now, I like the lions and tigers and bears (oh my), but my favorite part of the zoo is the bird exhibits. My favorite animal, the golden pheasant is usually in a free flight exhibit. I asked the curator why I've not see the bird the last few times I've gone to the zoo. She told me that the pheasant was flying up to people and sitting on their lap. Several visitors complained so now she is off-exhibit. I guess the pheasant was too domesticated and needed to be locked up.

I get sad when I stand before the American Bald Eagle. I usually sit down on a bench in front of the Eagle and try to visualize it soaring over a lake. Walking away, I shake my head and think "That is no way to treat the symbol of our freedom." Some animals just don't belong in a cage.

What about you? Are you spiritually free? "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles . . ." Isaiah 40:31 KJV

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