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The Wonder of it All

Standing above the tree line, I looked down upon God's creation with a sense of awe and wonder. Beneath my feet was the mountain tundra in full bloom. The clouds overhead swirled and darted from place to place as the chilling wind dared to push me from my observation post.

While we were on vacation this past summer, my brother-in-law offered to drive me and my boys to the mountain peak in his jeep. As we neared the top, the road became progressively more narrow and less passable. At times, we bounced more than we rolled. But the travail of the journey disappeared when we reached the summit. It was breathtaking! Few places will paralyze my movement and stir my soul like the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Last week I saw the mighty Mississippi River and the waves break against the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. Two distinct bodies of water, but they have one thing in common, they both demand the viewer to pause and stare at them.

Most days are ordinary get-up-and-go-to-work kind of days, but every now and then something happens that grabs our attention and demands that we pause. Things like the view from the top of the Rocky Mountains or the Mississippi River or the Ocean.

Remember when the doctor handed you your newborn baby? Or when your father put your hand in the hand of your husband to be at the church altar? Those are not moments to rush through. They are ones worth marinating in.

Remember when God first called you to Salvation? Or a time when you were on fire serving Him? As we grow in our Christian faith, it is easy to lose the wonder of God and live our life on autopilot. Perhaps it is time to pause, renew our sense of awe and step out on faith to take on new challenges.

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