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Christmas Prayer

Our family lives in one of the most beautiful places on earth and we are enjoying good health. We are blessed. Life is good. 

But if all is going so well, why am I experiencing such a longing for more?

It is not an emptiness. I'm at peace and feel whole. All I can say is there is a deep stirring in my soul. 

Some people talk about wanting to see God do something great-another great awakening or something. Though I'd love to see that too, that's not what I mean. 

Like the atmospheric rumblings before a thunderstorm, there is a sense of anticipation in my soul. Something could happen. I hunger for it.

I can only explain it by saying that I want to know Him more. Not so I can be a better pastor, preacher, father, writer, or person. I just want to know Him. I want Moses' glow.

This Christmas season feels different to me. I want to experience the profound truth that God became man and dwelt among us.

I want to see the star.
And the light dance off the gift of gold.
I want to smell the frankincense and myrrh.
But most of all, I want to hear the baby's cry from the manger.

Merry Christmas. My prayer for you is that you may experience the Christmas I'm longing for.

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