Remember when you were new at your church and were able to see what needed to be done with crystal clarity? Has the tyranny of weekly deadlines and the constant whirlwind of ministerial activity made it more difficult to take the next step? Could you use some fresh eyes to help you come up with some fresh ideas?


A Fresh Approach


A few years ago I was conflict arbitrator for a church 2400 miles away. The distance was intentional. The church wanted a consultant far away from the State Convention’s flagship church to insure impartiality. When I arrived, I found the typical things you’d expect: less than ethical behavior, bad decisions, mistrust—it was all there. But what I didn’t expect was to discover that one of the sparks that ignited the conflict was a previous consultation.


It wasn’t that there were bad ideas in the consultant’s report; it was the approach of relinquishing pastoral control to an outsider that increased the tension. The church and pastor adopted the consultant’s report, and agreed to follow the recommendations, but when the pastor did not execute the plans to the leader’s satisfaction, things went south quickly.


Some pastors hesitate to use consultants for this very reason. The consultant breezes into town, talks to a couple of people, observes a worship service or two and then writes a report that creates a new set of expectations for the pastor to live up to. Now the pastor not only has the tyranny of deadlines and the whirlwind of activity, he also has a new set of expectations to meet written by an “expert.”


That’s why I don’t write a report for churches that have pastors—I write a report for the pastor’s eyes only with permission for him to share the portions he wishes to share with the church leadership.


Types of Consultations I’ve done:

·       Conflict

·       Transitional consultations for churches without pastors

·       Strategic Planning

·       Church Health

·       Team building using MBTI (I’m a certified practitioner)

·       Preaching—coaching for pastors wanting a pulpit tune-up





A couple of things that I’d mention beyond my basic bio  are that I have received LifeWay’s Transitional Pastor training in 2009.  In 2015, I attended consultant training by the California Southern Baptist Convention’s Healthy Church Group, and received certification from the Society of Church Consultants.




Cover my expenses and provide an appropriate honorarium and we’re good.

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